Are you fully aware of how your organisation’s technology system operates? Is it working effectively? Has it reached the end of its life cycle? Does it even exist? If your key management personnel are asking similar questions, it’s time for a technology system audit.

Lajolla IT consulting will help you optimize your IT infrastructure and assess the balance between your computer equipment and proper operation of your activities or projects by auditing your IT assets and infrastructure. After which, Lajolla IT consulting will submit a detailed report of its analysis with suggestions regarding the choice of solutions, technologies and hardware.


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Lajolla IT consulting can provide support and advise you on the extension/development of your projects, assess maintenance and migration risks and offer you our value-added solutions.

Network auditing gives a precise view of your network architecture and includes a comprehensive analysis of its efficiency, capacity, security, maintenance requirements, and how it can be expanded. As an Internet Service Provider, we have extensive internal experience in this area in both the technical and financial sides (choice of suppliers, hardware, operators, etc.)


Lajolla IT consulting also offers its customers the possibility of obtaining a business audit depending on their objectives and needs.